CafePress turns 10

This month, CafePress turns 10.  Woo-hoo! What started as a garage-based start-up in San Leandro, California has grown into a global corporation with locations in San Mateo, California, Louisville, Kentucky and has international websites in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.  (After all, unleashing the power of human expression can only go so far in a garage.)

A few words from Fred, our CEO and Co-founder:

“Ten years ago we launched CafePress, and while our most-popular designs may change from day-to-day (depending on the latest talk around water coolers), one thing remains the same: CafePress is a where people come to express their unique personalities.  I can’t begin to thank everyone enough for making CafePress such a fun destination for self-expression.”

How about a few fun stats to put it all in perspective?

  • We’ve amassed over nine million registered users who make and sell unique T-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, mugs and more  – as a matter of fact they created an online catalog of over 250 million different products.
  • On average, the CafePress community adds over 250,000 new products to CafePress everyday. That’s over 10,000 an hour, almost 200 a minute – three new products every second! That’s a whole lot of self-expression!
  • Next stop, Paris?  If you were to line up all of the T-shirts CafePress has sold, they would stretch from San Francisco to London.
  • Wow, talk about sticker shock! With all the bumper stickers CafePress has sold, you could wallpaper the Washington Monument. Six times.
  • No laundry until Friday? If you bought one of each available CafePress kid’s garments, you’d have four outfits for every 10-year old in America.

How did we celebrate here in the office?  In our own way of course!

We celebrated ’round these parts with a choice of three fun activities: baking class, Go Kart racing, and sailing.   All smiles and in our special 10 birthday T-shirts, we boarded our respective buses to take us to our destinations where we spent a few hours enjoying our event.  The we all came back together at the Steelhead Brewery for lunch, games, and more fun.

Check out the photos below.

Kitchen on Fire baking class:

“Drinking champagne for breakfast is not generally a workplace activity, but what better way to ring in 10 years with fellow CP’ers?  Baking focaccia with the CFO calls for bubbles – especially when she brings the bubbles.” Leslie, CafePress Blogger – 6 years

Baking Pictures (13) IMG_2037

Baking Pictures (10) IMG_2032 IMG_2016 IMG_2018

Go Kart racing:

“We work fast and we play fast but unlike the track,  in the office I don’t have co-workers slamming me into the wall.  Well not unless it’s bagel day. Can’t wait to see what the next 10 laps brings here at CafePress.” Randy, Customer Service Director – 3 1/2 years

188 293

033 060 227 189

Sailing on the Bay:

“Our morning sailing adventure started off on a foggy note, and we were stuck at the dock for an hour waiting for the morning fog to clear.  But once we left, we were treated to a great trip on the bay.  Looking out over San Francisco, it was fun to think about how far we’ve come and all the opportunity ahead of us.  It continues to be a great journey.” Maheesh, founder – 10 years, since the beginning!

IMG_1019 IMG_1100

IMG_1101 IMG_1095 IMG_1087 IMG_1103

Celebrating 10 years – the CafePress team!

Brewery (43)edit

Thanks so much to the CafePress Community that’s made it all possible!  Happy Anniversary to you, too.

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