Countdown to launch…

The Astro Boy movie opens in theaters this Friday – and if you enjoy animated features, space stories or classic good vs. evil tales, this is a good weekend movie for ya.

If you’re wondering what one wears to the opening weekend of a futuristic animated feature, look no further: official Astro Boy T-shirts and other groovy gear is available in the Astro Boy shop.

Remember, it’s always cold in movie theaters and it’s flu season.  So bundle up in a hip Astro Boy sweatshirt, stuff yourself full of popcorn and enjoy!

  1. Astro boy looks curiously like the statue for Bob’s Big Boy restaurants on the West Coast. Did anyone check his DNA? The design is very retro. Will have to buy one. If you like animation, the world premiere of “Dr. Shroud: Vampire Killer” is taking place Oct 31 at the On Location Memphis Halloween Event. It’s the newest animated short by creator Rob Feldman of ComiCon fame. Exclusive t-shirts, stickers & stuff in the “Dr. Shroud” section of the “Halloween Jam” store at Cafe Press.

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