Love from Norway

When you run a company that’s been unleashing the power of human expression for 10 years, you expect the occasionally offbeat letter.  Sometimes we get suggestions for creative merchandise – everything from rubber bracelets to Jesus track pants (the latter being what you think they are – track pants emblazoned with Jesus on them, the concept pitch accompanied by a handmade illustration).  Sometimes we get returns that have been… tampered with.  Sometimes we get plain old love letters, and sometimes we get edible yummies.  But never before have we received a troll.  Until now…

A CafePress fan from Norway sent us one of the most intriguing boxes we’ve ever received.  In it was: a letter thanking us for our reliability and customer service, a silver Viking ship, multiple Norwegian calendars (including a troll one most awesomely titled “TROLLKALENDER,” which I of course promptly “borrowed” until 1/1/11), and a groovy little troll.  That groovy little troll is seen here at left.

The package was regrettably addressed to our CFO, making it very difficult for this blogger to make any quality troll recipient jokes without serious fear of reprisal.

In any case, we’re all really enjoying our wee but mighty troll.  According to the accompanying letter, “According to tradition here in Norway these trolls are supposed to [be] living in the deepest and darkest forest.  The T-shirts I ordered him didn’t fit so I sent him over to be measured!”

Thank you, funny Norwegian fan.  Your little troll has emerged from the dark woods of Norway to sunnier, milder California climates and is currently enjoying the company of a potted plant (we don’t want him to miss the woods), a Rubik’s cube (we don’t want him to get bored), and a stuffed platypus (we don’t want him to be lonely).

And don’t worry – we have 30,000 Troll T-shirts to make him feel relevant and appreciated.  Takket være!

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