From bags to riches

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who stepped down from her post in July, signed a $1M+ book deal with HarperCollins.  The book, entitled “Going Rogue: an American Life,” is slated to release November 17th.

Sarah Palin inspired T-shirt designers like no other Vice Presidential candidate ever has, with Sarah Palin T-shirts and other groovy gifts numbering over 1 million.

Perhaps our fondest memory of Sarah Palin is the Great Moose Bag Sighting, which led some folks to design rebuttal bags on behalf of the moose and moved us to recommend a Sarah Palin costume for Halloween.  Since we’re recommending random Halloween costumes this week (yesterday’s suggestion: be the “Saw” franchise), today we’ll revisit last year’s Palin plan with some slight alterations.

How to be Sarah Palin for Halloween this year:

  1. Swap out the business suit for a snow-machine suit (easily obtainable on the cheap at larger thrift shops) and stuff your pockets full of dollar bills.  Don’t forget your moose bag and your glasses, though.
  2. Mock up a few fake copies of “Going Rogue” to hand out to screaming fans, and bring a pen to sign them.  (Yep, we make books.  No, we are not advocating trademark infringement.  Call the book whatever you’d like, or just carry Dr. Seuss’s “My Book About Me” for kicks.)
  3. Engage friends to be your screaming literary fans.  It’s an easy costume for them; we have tons of flair that they can wear to express their love for all things Palin (read: you).

Just don’t forget your lipstick.  Extra bonus points to anyone who brings their pit bull and lipstick – but unless the lipstick is bacon-flavored, please do keep it off your dog.  (And if you find bacon-flavored lipstick, please let us know.  That would be a find.)

  1. Sarah Palin is the Constitution’s best hope of surviving beyond 2012. I’m no Bush fanboy, but this administration is a nightmare by comparison. Spending is completely out of control. The “Stimulus” was a complete waste of a trillion dollars. The government has taken over the banking industry, the auto industry, the student loan industry, and is inches away from taking over health care. Next on the agenda? Cap and trade–another round of taxes on EVERYTHING. Ironically, the people who will be hurt most by these taxes are the very people who elected Obama to represent them in the first place. This is truly an obamanation.

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