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Those who aren’t subscribed to our mailing list missed our exciting announcement today, so I’m posting it here.

We know how hard it is to find true love, and with everyone so busy working on their shops we wanted to make it a little easier for you.

Note: due to me being, truly, a TechEejit, I can’t figure out how to make the margins fit within the confines of this particular blogging interface’s main display. Sad but true. So for now, you’ll have to click to see the new CafePress LoveMatch Dating Service email in its entirety.

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The web version of this email is the ideal way to view it. See it now: Click Here

CafePress is excited to announce the imminent
launch of CafePress LoveMatch™!
Our new dating service will bring you love the same way
we’ve brought you T-shirts – customized and on-demand!
From our founder and CEO, Fred Durham:
“CafePress members are all about passion; it
seemed so natural to come up with
a way to help our community find potential
mates that share the same interests, hobbies
and – of course – passions. I think you’ll find that our
unique To-A-T™ match algorithm makes personal
connections that you wouldn’t find anywhere else!”
What makes it different?
In a word: the To-A-T™ CafePress LoveMatch™
Traditional online dating services focus heavily on
preconceived notions of compatibility.
For example, filters such as gender, religion, race
and education can actually serve as
barriers that might prevent you from discovering
that true love means finding someone who
shares your fervent interest in all things Muskrat.
CafePress LoveMatch™ is still in BETA testing, and so far we have some amazing success stories to share.
Todd P. from Oshkosh, WI

“It seemed too good to be true – finally, a dating service that combines fashion statements and hobbies with matchmaking. I knew that someone out there would share my passion for collecting funny and interesting thongs!”
Liberty B. from Lakeville, IL

“It’s so hard to find people that are serious about finding true love, but Todd and I are ecstatically happy!
Thanks, CafePress LoveMatch!”
Addai L. from Hoboken, NJ

“I couldn’t believe it when I found someone else that feels so strongly about Leap Year!”
Mary-Catherine O. from St. Augustine, FL

“The best part about finding Addai in 2008 is that we have 4 years to plan our wedding. We’re so excited about February 29th, 2012!”
Fernando N. from Deep Ellum, TX

“I had no idea that I’d ever date a man, but once we discovered our mutual amor for opera and Chihuahuas we realized that we were perfect for each other!”
Todd P. from Oshkosh, WI

“I really appreciate the flexibility and freedom that CafePress LoveMatch gives me. You should try it!”
Stay tuned for the exciting launch of CafePress LoveMatch™ – true love might be just an “Add to Cart” away!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably figured out that it’s April 1st and you’re
looking for us to confirm that this is an April Fool’s Day joke. Well… OK.

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  1. Oh good! Glad to know I don’t need to worry about poor little Liberty B. and her perception of the “true love” she thought she was sharing with two-timing-Todd!

  2. My totally falling for that says something about the state of Western civilization. Nothing surprises me at all on the Internet. A man dating another man on a whim and finding true love with a guy who also likes opera and Chihuahuas is just another episode of Jerry Springer. Y’all gotta think of something really shocking next time.

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