Your Balloon Boy Hoax costume is just a T-shirt away

With the Balloon Boy hoax having taken over the airwaves for a week, inspiring our design community to get busy making Balloon Boy T-shirts and such, it seems only fitting that The Great Balloon Boy Saga Hoax be our third Halloween costume suggestion this week.

There are a few variations of this costume, and all can involve a groovy T-shirt.

Costume 1: Balloon Boy

What you need:

If you’re an overachiever and you have friends that want to be part of a group costume, you can easily outfit the Heene parents with some relevant T-shirts and have your other friends dress as the paparazzi.  Or reporters.  Or Wolf Blitzer.

Extra bonus points: build a cardboard TV screen frame and carry it around, posing with reporters behind it at random.

Extra extra bonus points: actually go out on the town with Wolf Blitzer.

Costume 2: The Balloon Boy Saga

Carrying around a mylar balloon and an empty box all night can be so cumbersome, and it takes away your drinking hand.  With 6 simple T-shirts, you (or you and 5 friends) can be the balloon boy saga.  Either line up together, or if you’re solo just layer them (it’s chilly on Halloween anyway – layers are good!) and then, at random, blow a whistle* to let people know that you’re about to dramatically re-enact the balloon boy hoax.

What you’ll need:

  • A collection of T-shirts (below is a suggested narrative, but you have lots to choose from)
  • *a whistle (but only if you want to call attention to periodic, dramatic re-enactments)
  • friends (but only if you want to share the glory)

balloon boy t-shirt

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