H(1)alloweeN(1) costume #4

This week we’re thinking of groovy costumes one can assemble from the CafePress catalogue, and given the interest our design community has had in the H1N1 scare it seemed remiss to leave out such an easy costume.

Swine Flu has garnered more designs than Bird Flu and Anthrax together, and brought to us the brand-new term “Hamthrax.”

So, costume #4:

Swine Flu (potential) victim

What you’ll need:

See?  Easy.  A blue surgical mask is so much more comfortable and practical than that plastic Transformers mask you were thinking about anyway.

If you’re really feeling it, adding tourism-style accessories (camera around the neck, fanny pack, hat, tropical shirt over your swine flu T-shirt) will give you extra bonus points and a perfect excuse to carry around frosty beverages bedecked by umbrellas and fruit.  Optional: portable blender to make one’s own frosty beverages throughout the evening.  Bonus: carrying a portable blender is a really good way to make a lot of new friends.

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