Halloween costumes for you (and your better half).

Not to scare you, but Halloween is hours away. If you haven’t found an outfit (gulp), it’s do-or-die time.better 1

We can help, but let’s keep it simple. Start with our better together (part 1) and better together (part 2) T-shirts. Collectively, they’re a springboard to infinite self expression (and possibly poor taste?).

If you have a partner in crime: With a little imagination and a few household items (who doesn’t have a 1930’s machine gun sitting around?), the two of you can go as Bonnie & Clyde, Bill & Hillary, John & Yoko, Kanye & Taylor, Captain Kirk & Spock … you name it. Or think outside the box: Peanut Butter & Jelly, Gin & Vermouth, Leather & Lace or Smoke & Mirrors. The possibilities are endless. better 2

If you’re flying solo, but have an inflatable doll: See notes above, only dress-up and carry the doll. (However, be prepared for questions on why you own an inflatable doll. Not recommended for church parties, grandma’s house, etc.).

If you’re single, but ready to mingle: Wear one T-shirt (plus appropriate costume accessories), and carry the other T-shirt in your free hand. Wave it in the air occasionally, letting people know you’re looking for someone to be your better half. You can’t go wrong dressing as Annie (looking for Daddy Warbucks), Prince Charming (looking for Cinderella), Beauty (looking for the Beast), or Guns (looking for Roses).

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