Yo’ llama

In this week’s installment of Shirts that Make You Go Hmm….

Sleepless Peruvian farmer Ignacio was watching the same Saturday Night Live rerun for the 50th time in his lonely Andes hut with his trusty llama Fernando, and realized that he still had no answer as to who Quién es Más Macho – Ricardo Montalban, or Fernando Lamas?

Ignacio looked to his Fernando for guidance, but Fernando wasn’t interested.  Such matters were above him, and in any case Fernando himself felt that he was clearly más macho than either aging star mentioned.

Ignacio then realized that Fernando the Llama was, indeed, the most macho of all.  But was he the most macho of all llamas?  He posed this question to Fernando, who snorted his derision while chewing some freshly harvested alfalfa and then proceeded to spit at the television in annoyance.  Ignacio understood, and happened to agree – could anybody compare with the lush brown and white coat, the perfect roman nose, the bountiful fringe of lash highlighting the bright and lively eyes of his own Fernando?

Not having a llama version of Dogster for a comparison point, Ignacio decided to investigate the situation by examining neighboring llamas to determine quién indeed was el más macho de todos in the llama world.  And so he and Fernando trekked bravely through the Andes, searching high and low for other (and often inferior) llamas.

After a few failed attempts at closer llama inspection from farmers who didn’t appreciate the handsome duo trespassing on their lands (Ignacio, truth be told, wasn’t a bad-looking fellow himself), and the awkward matter of approaching perfect strangers during other random llama sightings with such an odd request, Ignacio realized that he’d have to be more official if he were to continue his llama census without the inconvenience of shouted insults, off-putting dogs and the occasional brandished weapon.

And so he and Fernando came up with the perfect T-shirt to formalize their project.  The “random llama inspection” T-shirt, above, was just perfect for the bilingual llama owner ISO other attractive llamas as a comparison point.

(Regrettably, Fernando himself did not fit into the T-shirt, and as far as we know nobody makes llama-wear yet.  He’s considering that as his next project.)

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