Mutant cat stumps us all – almost

Four ears, have I

Four ears, have I

Perusing the pets section over at petsugar, I ran across this seemingly Photoshopped photo of a 4-eared cat named Yoda.

It’s not Photshopped, though.  Fox did a story on this fancy feline, who was born in a bar before Halloween, thus frightening away potential adopters who feared he might be a feline Damien.

Now, I have seen 6-toed cats.  And if you put “6 toed cat” into our Search engine you actually get a few results.  If you put in “polydactyl cat” you get 970 results.

But there is a zero result for “4 eared cat.”  And truly, it’s not every day that a real-life word/thing/saying lends a zero result in the CafePress Marketplace – 185 million products, and not a single one of them discusses the 4-eared cat phenomenon.

There are a couple results for mutant cat, and even a couple artist renderings of cats with multiple eyes.  But no multi-eared cats in that bunch.

And so I intended to congratulate Yoda on stumping not only his owners and vets and all the other cats with mutli-ear envy, but our Marketplace.  And that is indeed hard to do.

But then I decided to try “four eared cat.”  And wouldn’t you know it:

So there you go.  We really do have something for everyone.

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