The Spanish inquisition

Some of you might have noticed that the Olympics have been going on now for a couple weeks. There’s been some great highs – Phelps mania, the U.S. Mens’ Gymnastics snaking a surprise bronze, the U.S. women’s soccer team beating Brazil for the gold in a nailbiter of an overtime.

And of course, there’s been some controversy. The judging in gymnastics has been questioned; a Jamaican sprinter who ran so fast in the 100 that he celebrated before he crossed the finish line – and still broke the world record – has been taken to task for showboating. But one controversy in particular has stood out as a clear “This could have been easily avoided with the right t-shirt.” And that’s the Spanish basketball team’s promotional photo that was published in a Spanish newspaper.

This photo has been widely criticized as racist; the Spanish team explained that the photo wasn’t meant to be racist, but was instead meant to be a “wink” to their participation in Beijing.

And that’s where you realize that all of this could have been avoided if the Spanish basketball team had simply put on a Beijing t-shirt to give a nod to its participation in the games. In this case, a t-shirt’s worth avoiding 1 ill-considered hand gesture seen ’round the world.

Not to be outdone, the Spanish Tennis Federation posted a photo of their Olympians – making the identical gesture – on their official website. The photo was captioned “We’re ready for China.”

(Well, technically it was captioned “Estamos preparados para China.” Because, you know, they’re Spanish.)

And yet again, we find a t-shirt that would have served that occasion well.

What’s additionally interesting about the Spanish photo controversies: Madrid was on the short list to host the 2012 Olympics but lost out to London.

Madrid is now looking to host the 2016 or 2020 games; we might suggest that they send some nice t-shirts to the IOC as a gift to demonstrate their non-controversial enthusiasm toward this end.

Or at the very least that they avoid showing their zeal for the Olympics with hand gestures of any kind.

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  2. Wow! All this mess just because this photo???
    Come on… Nobody can do nothing and everybody thinks this is racism!


    Huuummm… I don’t like the “beating Brazil for the gold”…
    Yeap. I’m brazilian :P.
    Just one gold :(…


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