Adjective overload? Hmm…

In this week’s installment of “shirts that make you go hmm…”

Hmm.  Well… here’s one scenario:

Wendy is an aspiring writer who’s noticed that Hollywood is going literary – literally.  With the runaway successes of “Harry Potter” and “Twilight,”  Wendy comes up with a plan: write a series of children’s books that will be so darn unique and successful that no studio executive can resist optioning her work.

Feeling that the teenage market is just a bit saturated and noting the crazy success of Pixar films, Wendy decides to go younger.  Problem: magicians, vampires and zombies are done, and kinda scary.  Monsters, well, that’s a broader area, and “Where the Wild Things Are” may be indicative of a new monster craze.  Problem 2: monsters are also scary, and frightening small children most likely won’t lead to a particularly lucrative film deal.

Wendy decides that her Monster will be cute, and taking a cue from “The Lion King” and other animated smash hits about esoteric animals, she decides to make him a wildebeest.  Then, to take the edge off his beastly monster-ness, she makes him plaid and humanizes her protagonist monster by arming him with a spork, rather than fangs or laser beams or a fleet of vicious pirhana.

As it turns out, Plaid Spork-Wielding Wildebeest is a really cute little anti-hero, even when he’s flinging sporks around.  After all, everyone wants to throw a spork now and again, especially at the DMV.  (Stay tuned for “Plaid Spork-Wielding Wildebeest Goes to the DMV,” available as soon as it’s written and illustrated.)

Or, maybe this design is an actual warning sign in Australia, land of groovy poisonous creatures and crocodiles bigger than a shark.



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