The next generation…

…of “Next Generation” is upon us.

Sci-fi icon/blogger/fan/geek Wil Wheaton of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” has a new book out about his experience on the show, appropriately titled “Memories of the Future.”

In addition to providing an insider’s view of what it’s like to be on what may be the world’s most syndicated television franchise (it’s said that there’s at least one episode of one of the “Star Trek” series playing somewhere in the world 24/7 – I learned this at the “Star Trek” convention from the Roddenberry camp, along with learning¬† what the heck a Tribble is), Wil Wheaton would also like to provide you with an accompanying mug appropriate for enjoying toasty beverages while listening to his podcast or, of course, reading his book.

The Memories of the Futuremug is available in Wheaton’s CafePress shop, and makes a great gift for fans of: “Next Generation,” Wil Wheaton, or futuristic blue jellyfish.¬† Resistance is futile – get the mug.

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