News Flash: Santa spotted over Louisville!

The U.S. government’s $593 trillion North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Santa Tracker has just spotted Santa Claus and his reindeer over Louisville, Kentucky.

Although technically, the $593 trillion NORAD Santa Tracker is temporarily shut down (they’re waiting for a $627 million extension cord to reach the power outlet). But the government has been surfing several Louisville-area websites that have $9 webcams installed. And they’re now confirming that Santa has officially been sighted in Kentucky.

This is great news for gift-happy folks across America.

But it also means that Santa has now made his annual, humongous pick-up at the CafePress design studio in Louisville. Our exhausted (but ever-so-cheery) elves have just loaded up the last of all those great gifts for people who have been nice (and a few for people who have been naughty). And the holiday gift-giving season is winding down.

But the great thing is, you can still get CafePress Gift Certificates. They’re perfect for last-minute presents. Including for people you spaced-out and completely forgot about. Or uninvited guests who suddenly show-up on your doorstep. Or for your favorite blogger. It’s not too late. Order today and we’ll email gift certificates to them before Santa arrives.

Have a great Holiday!

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