Stick ’em up, Frosty

Those of us who have been involved in snowball fights know that there’s always That Guy.  That Guy is the guy who just has to hit you in the face with the iciest, hardest snowball he can make.  That Guy might also be prone to throwing a snowball at the back of your head after you’ve retired from the fun, or throw one at you just after you’ve called a “Game Off!” to retrieve a fallen glove.

And then there’s the guy who takes being That Guy to a whole new level by, you know, pulling a gun.  In public.  In the middle of a huge snowball fight wherein the other attackers were armed with assuredly non-lethal handfuls of snow.

That Guy is Washington, D.C. off-duty police officer Detective Baylor, who apparently left his Christmas Cheer in his other pants along with his common sense and, sadly, his best snowball-making gloves.  Witnesses (and YouTube video – ah, Internet video, the 21st century’s most reliable witness) report that when Baylor’s personal Hummer was struck by a snowball, he got out of his car with his gun and started threatening to send people to jail.

Of course, seeing a guy draw a gun led to snowball-fighters to, somewhat reasonably, fear that That Guy might be taking a snowball fight a bit too seriously.  So they called the police, who then showed up in uniform with their own guns.  The snowball fight itself had been organized via Twitter and Facebook, so those involved wasted no time in broadcasting the melee into cyberspace.

The officer in question is now on desk leave while D.C. police superiors investigate the situation.  In the meantime, we’ll honor Detective Baylor with a Fantasy T-Wearer Award.  May he take heed from the “Don’t bring a gun to a snowball fight” hoodie (inspired by the audio of a snowball fight participant giving the detective a snippet of sage advice).

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