Out with 2009

Yikes.  Here we are on the verge of 2010, and I’m still dating my checks with the year 2008 (although people seem to cash them anyway … with alarming frequency). But somehow, someway, 2009 seems to have slipped away from me. Hmmm, I must have been busy or something? Or perhaps it was a leap year (no, that would make it longer).

Anyway, although I’m no historian, I think 2009 will remembered as an “odd duck” year. Without looking online for talking points – if memory serves me correct – 2009 pretty much started out with the Barack Obama inauguration and ended with our economic sorta-kinda-keep-your-fingers-crosssed recovery. In between, lots of other memorable stuff happened too. I know this for a fact, because lots of people made CafePress T-shirt designs about things (everything from Joe Wilson to the Appalachian Trail to New Moon), and watching the T-shirts roll in is the most interesting way to get the news around here.

Something tells me my 2010 calendar will be a lot fuller and richer, with lots of wonderful happenings (fingers crossed).

See you next year.

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