A Football Classic: The CafePress Punch Bowl

Press rewind.  It’s once again the time of year that’s so very special to real men’s men (Read: Guys who were cut from their high school football team on the first day of practice). Yes, it’s when fathers, brothers, sons and uncles (and the occasional Neanderthal) disappear into their “man cave” for endless hours of unadulterated college football bowl games.  Oh, and beer.  They drag in lots of beer.  And salty snacks.

This year’s bowl line up includes a handful of undefeated universities scrawling out the X’s and O’s of why they should be crowned the National Champion.  Of course, winning the National Championship (or even getting invited to a major bowl game) can mean millions of dollars for a school and its conference.  Heck, just look at how corporate sponsorships have overtaken bowl naming strategies to see what a huge business it has become: The FedEx Orange Bowl, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Allstate Sugar Bowl, etc.

Around the office, we thought about sponsoring our own inaugural bowl game (to complement our line-up of football-themed gear): the CafePress Punch Bowl. But we doubted that any college football teams would take our invitation seriously, and also wondered whether any major TV network would agree to televise it.  Then the guys from marketing spiked the Punch Bowl we had in the lobby, and … well, enough said.  It ain’t gonna happen this year.

Oh well. Pass the remote, I’m out of here.

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