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America’s favorite Trailer Park Queen is good for more than weather amulets and gelatin-mold T-shirts.  Jolene Sugarbaker has a YouTube cooking show, and has recently been nominated for a Viewers’ Choice Best Comedy Series Tasty Award alongside the likes of Andrew Zimmerman.  (Also nominated for a Tasty: the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food, also a CafePress Shopkeeper.)

The Viewers’ Choice award is based on voting, so if you have a spare moment please do head on over and give Jolene your vote.  We had the pleasure of an exclusive, world-premiere in-depth interview with Jolene recently.  Here it is:

CP: What is your all-time favorite recipe?

JS: Corn Chip Pie. You can’t go wrong with ground beef, a bag of corn chips and spices!   When I teach my live cooking classes, regardless of if the class is about desserts, people request I fix Corn Chip Pie.  It’s a hearty casserole that uses a snack chip! It’s something I fix for myself all the time. It has so many variations and can be as spicy as you want it! It’s great with toppings, such as Sour Cream, chopped onion, or great just being basic.

CP: If you were in a kitchen and had only : a can of maraschino cherries, canned peanuts, marshmallows, and cheezits in the pantry but were allowed to add 2-3 ingredients, what would you make?

JS: I’d definitely need some Chicken, some Orange Gelatin and some Whipped Topping.  I’d create a Cheezit encrusted baked chicken, and serve that with a Orange Gelatin Salad with Marischino Cherries, Peanuts and Whipped Topping.

CP: Why did you start your CafePress shop, and how has it changed your life?

JS: I started my CafePress store almost when CafePress started! Back in 1999-2000 I knew I had to make changes to the way I produced products. Handling orders and then producing orders from screen printing was a lengthy process. Not to mention there’s only so many items you can produce on your own. CafePress stayed on the cusp of technology and printing methods. They also handled all the back end for me, so I could continue being creative and produce the products I wanted to produce, without having to spend my time on the “Business” side.  I know my customers are taken well care of, and if there is a problem, CafePress will work for a solution.  As an Entertainer, my store’s income supports things like my Health Care, my Travel and other Business Expenses. It’s not cheap to produce your own show, I’m always breaking lights and equipment!  My main goal has always been to produce quality products featuring my themes and images without hassle and with CafePress I can do just that!

CP: What’s mightier: tuna noodle casserole or jello mold fruit cocktail salad?

JS: Everyone usually has a can of Tuna, and there are many variations of Tuna Casserole. However, Gelatin Molds are a lost art! Many of the molds can be found at local yard sales and thrift shops. There are so many variations, and they can really please all tastes. They are artistic and pretty as well as a conversation piece.  People may be scared to try the vegetable based ones, but they are sure great on a cracker, definitely a taste change from the normal onion dip. I think people would be more attracted to a glistening jewel colored dish at a buffet table, more than a tuna casserole. With the Tuna, in a casserole it’s hard to tell what’s under a Potato Chip Crust (well that’s the point of that too).

CP: If you could put a T-shirt on any person, living or dead, what would the T-shirt say, and who would be wearing it?

JS: I wrestled with this question, for some reason, the first thing that came to mind was…  Baby Jessica….. a T-Shirt that said “Keep Away From Wells…” Because really, I am still traumatized years later for that poor little girl that fell down a well. That whole event gripped the Nation. If only she was wearing a shirt that warned people to keep her away from wells or steep places!


Susan Lucci!  I’d give her a t-shirt that says “Pick Me!”.. Well, the 18 times she wasn’t picked for the Award!  I’m out to Win my nomination for the Tasty Awards for Best Comedy Series!  Hopefully I don’t end up being the Susan Lucci of the Foodie World! (although 18 times is quite an accomplishment.)  At the Tasty Awards, the power to vote is given to the Audience, not a voting board!  That’s why I’m out asking for Votes, everyone can vote! Won’t you help the Trailer Park walk the Red carpet?  (I might wear that t-shirt myself!)

We had the delicious pleasure with cooking with Jolene in the CafePress kitchen, making both microwave peanut brittle and egg sandwiches.  So if you’re hungry and at work, and have a ready supply of coffee mugs…

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  1. OMG Jolene you are the queen of food comedy! The Show at CafePress made me laugh so much, I thought I wouldnt like your show but it was funny and fun to watch, I can’t wait to try to make a egg mug sandwhich at my work now. you rock! :)

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