Biden Time! VP announcement inspires new designs

Last Saturday morning Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama officially announced his running mate for the 2008 presidential election – Senator Joe Biden of Delaware.

News like this creates quite a buzz within the walls of CafePress – it perks our ears up and makes us wonder what kind of amazing designs are our Shopkeepers will create. On Monday I overheard another presser comment “I can’t wait to see what our Shopkeepers come up with” – it’s a common thought at Cafepress. We’re constantly amazed and inspired by how our community reacts to news by creating timely, insightful and often funny merchandise.

Of course we haven’t been disappointed…

Before this announcement on Saturday our users had designed about 6,800 different “Obama Biden 2008” products. Within 24 hours of the announcement the community had designed over 20,000 new products, and as of today there are over 60,000 different products available. It looks as though Shopkeepers had a very busy weekend!

What you see here is just the beginning, new designs roll in by the minute, and you can see all 60,000-plus here.


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