For CafePress’ weary Elves, it’s a wrap.

Whew! Needless to say, the CafePress design studio in Louisville, Kentucky is buzzing with activity during the holiday season.  To produce all those great gifts, there’s quite a bit of man/woman power (and a little bit of magic) that goes into everything we do!  And yes, our friendly CafePress elves work around-the-clock to make sure we’re creating unique, high-quality products for you (or that special someone on your holiday list!).

This blogging elf happens to be from our San Mateo, California office.  I had the pleasure of working along-side hundreds of Kentucky employees who create our products on a daily/nightly basis.  And I must admit, their job isn’t easy!

I’m amazed at the sheer volume of products we create, and the amount of detail that goes into what we do.  Before it’s shipped, every item goes through a variety of “cells” (where employees focus on their specific duty, such as printing).

I guess Santa isn’t the only one that checks his work twice!

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