The meat of the matter…

Real Girls Eat MeatAs has been buzzed about in the press and the blogosphere, Jessica Simpson was recently photographed in a “Real Girls Eat Meat” t-shirt – thus leading vegetarians, the generally eco-conscious and animal rights activists alike to groan in collective annoyance.

Her intentions behind making the meaty statement are unclear. Here’s some theories:

1. The t-shirt is a not-so-subtle jab at beau Tony Romo‘s ex, American Idol scion and active vegetarian Carrie Underwood.

2. Jessica’s demonstrated lack of knowledge as to the relationship between a live animal and the food it becomes (Chicken of the Sea and buffalo wings being the prime examples) may indicate that she’s confused about meat’s origins.

Meat is Murder t-shirt

3. She and Tony Romo have invested in a chain of barbeque restaurants and are trying to subconsciously put consumers in the mood for some Hickory-smoked meatiness. (Note his shirt in this picture – coincidence?)

4. Her “Meat is Murder” t-shirt was dirty.

Whatever her intentions, one thing is for certain: alternative t-shirt answers are one indication that there’s a number of people out there who don’t agree with her (or her t-shirt).

Here’s some of the answers we’ve seen:

If you have theories, thoughts or just plain opinions about Jessica Simpson’s fashion statement or you just want to share your own design, give us a holler or just upload it to your CafePress shop.

Who knows? Maybe Carrie Underwood will show up at the airport sporting your creation.

  1. Sock it to me. Good stuff BuzzCowboy!

    Well atleast the interpretations you came up with, were PG, versus the ones i got at my blog. Jeez!

    I like your tee selections above, too. Real Girls Eat, Period! (hahaha)

  2. Every time I hear the name Tony Romo I instantly think of the rib restaurant, Tony Romas. I guess that’s why he is famous, not because he dates annoying celebrities but because his name sounds like a rib chain.

  3. Hey Shannon –

    All the more reason to wonder whether this is a subtle pre-advertising technique for the soon-to-come Tony Romo’s Hickory-Smoked Rib House. Hmm.

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