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TV fans were all a-Twitter this week about the possibility of a calamitous scheduling conflict: the State of the Union address needs prime airtime, and the White House is rumored to be looking seriously at February 2nd – the date of the “Lost” final season premiere, as well as “American Idol.”

The State of the Union is generally in late January, by tradition rather than mandate.  The speculation is that Obama would like to show up at the podium for his first SOTU address with a newly-signed healthcare reform law as the star of the show, which would seem to indicate that the President is more likely to side with Ted Kennedy than with Jack or Locke.  “Lost” fans wasted no time in creating a Twitter hashtag movement, #NoStateofUnionFeb2, which boldly goes where few hashtags have gone before by taking up 13% of available tweet characters.

It’s not just your average American couch potato afflicted with worry over this pop culture conundrum.  TIME (yes, the news magazine) critic James Poniewozik blogged his opposition to another possible “Lost” time travel experience with a post entitled, “Scheduling Change We Cannot Believe In.”  A Variety reporter also tearfully helpfully suggested that superagent Ari Emanuel, whose agency represents “Lost” producer Carlton Cuse, call his brother and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to “fix this.”

No word on whether studio executives have suggested consulting with David Petraeus to determine an appropriate counterinsurgency movement.

UPDATE 1/8: Robert Gibbs has allayed the worries of “Lost” fans everywhere by noting that the chance of the President interrupting the Oceanic 6 in their final season is “very unlikely.”  Phew.  Now we just have to worry about what happened after the whole Swan nuclear destruction thing.

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