The show must (not) go on…

California’s same-sex marriage debate saw the inside of a courtroom yesterday in the first day of the Perry vs. Schwarzenegger trial, a challenge to Proposition 8‘s legality.  This time around, there’s also great debate over the debate – which is to say that same-sex marriage advocates want a televised/video-available trial for Proposition 8, while their opponents want to keep the trial behind closed doors (er… in the closet?).

The Supreme Court sided with the conservative opponents of same-sex marriage, and temporarily overruled U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker‘s allowance to stream video of the trial via YouTube.  That temporary order will remain in effect until January 13th, at which point things may change.  In the meantime there are written transcripts of the trial at Prop8TrialTracker, and others are reporting blow-by-blow via Twitter.

The topic of gay marriage hit the T-shirts many years ago, but with California’s gay marriage debates we’ve seen more content than any other state-specific issue in recent memory.  The merchandise is overwhelmingly in favor of equal marriage rights, but of course this issue isn’t necessarily one wherein opponents want the world to know their stance.

Most seem to think that this particular trial is a landmark case that will ultimately end up in the U.S. Supreme Court.  Time will tell.

  1. bottom line, regardless of who you choose to be with, is same sex marriage isn’t and never will be the way things are supposed to be. period. like it or not, you know it, and that’s just something you need to accept. quit trying to force everyone to see things your way. just go about your life and do your thing. but i will never promote being gay as a proper way to live. a man and a woman were created for a specific purpose and thats the only way it should be noticed in court or any other legal issues regarding marriage. MAN AND WOMAN.

  2. Oh dont’ be an ass and stop FORCING YOUR lifestyle on others. Marriage is two people who love each other. If you are so big on “protecting marriage” then make divorce illegal. WHY WON’T YOU STOP FORCING US TO LIVE BY YOUR RULES? No one is trying to force you to marry a same-sex partner. No one is trying to force your religious institutions to perform such marriages. So let us marry and leave us the hell alone. I miss the love of my life so much. If I were a woman I could just marry him and he’d be here. But no, you won’t allow that. You have to put your nose in our life and tell us we can’t marry and I can’t sponsor him for immigration either. So much for supporting people’s families.

  3. Well said, Kenneth!

    Equal rights to all, equal opportunities for all and freedom of association (and partnership) to all, and that means ALL.

    Marraige has much more to do about legal status than religion.

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