A year later

It’s been exactly one year since President Obama was sworn into office, and what a year it’s been in T-shirts.  From the “hurrahs” of the Obama supporters to the anti-Obama cries of socialism, tea parties, stimulus noise and the healthcare debate, our community of designers has spent the past year actively participating in the greater political discussion via the blank canvas of the almighty T-shirt.

We now have 3.8 million Obama products – a staggering number, and more than we’ve ever had about a political figure.  (Or any one person, actually – even Edward Cullen fails to sparkle pales in comparison.)

What the next 3 years hold for the country (and the T-shirts) is up for debate; in the meantime, we figured it’s a good time to see what y’all think of the POTUS on this anniversary of his taking office.

  1. OH YES! Barack Obama is making the grade. He is one of the most intelligent and thoughtful Presidents we have ever had in the US. Congrats Mr. President keep up the deliberate work.

  2. Obama’s definitely making the grade, a solid F overall, but an A in fascism. That is what you get when you put an unknown into the most important job in the world. It’s deliberate, he’s not stupid. Just the people who vote based upon sweet words and a sweet smile. Fools.

  3. When someone walks into a complete disaster of 8 years in the making can it all be cleaned up in 1? I say he is making good progress, but it’s WAY too early to judge.

  4. We’re an utterly divided society in this country. How anyone thinks this will be resolved without a revolution, I have no idea. It’s sad.

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