Food vs. Us

It’s not easy being hungry these days. With processed food, fried food, salty food and (yikes!) roach coach food at every corner, you really have to watch what you eat if you plan to live long enough to see the Cubbies win the World Series.  (Oh, and if you go, be wary of the snacks at Wrigley Field).

Now, green-thinkers have come up with a list of supposedly good food that’s actually bad for the environment. They’re sort of like CIA double-agents.

Culprits range from shrimp (thousands of dolphins are caught in shrimping nets) and chocolate (known apartheid supporter in South Africa) to corn (ocean oxygen deletion) and beef (greenhouse gases from slaughterhouses).  And Twinkies didn’t even make the list … with a shelf life of 25 days (not 50 years, but still – almost a month-long shelf life for a baked good filled with creme?) you can just imagine what sort of damage they’re doing to the world!

My only hope is for food that’s good, and simple and innocent … like the noble banana.  Wait, no – bananas are on the no-no list too (think colonialization and deforestation – not to mention all of the cartoon characters who slip on their peels).

Maybe I’ll just stick to hot dogs at the ballpark.  Shh… don’t tell me.

  1. Ha! First and foremost…the Cubbies in the World Series is even a far cry. Actually Winning it? wheew – u have high hopes my man.

    and if someone isnt bitching about something just wait…it’ll happen.

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