I Can Do 100 Push-Ups!

At least that’s what I’ll be able to say in another 3 weeks!

Yes I have joined the push-up craze started by, Steve Speirs and his “one hundred push ups” website. Since starting his site a few months ago, he has been featured in numerous blogs, newspapers and a few tv spots. Steve, great job!

Well, I took the challenge and have seen some great improvement in my first 3 weeks! Ok, I’ve been doing it for 5 weeks now but I got stuck on week 3 and had to repeat one day several times :). I’m back on track to my 100 (week 4 day 2 today and my arms are tired)!

I can’t wait to post this badge on my personal website, and I have reserved my purchase of the “Doing The Hundred Organic Cotton Tee ($17.99)” as a reward for finally hitting the mark! (who knows, maybe I’ll post a YouTube video too!)

I would love to hear if anyone else has taken the challenge and how it is going! Come on! Flex those muscles!

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