Palin Palm Challenge!

With all the debate over iPhone v. Droid v. Blackberry v. Palm, Sarah Palin seems to have gone old school and taken matters into her own hands – literally.  This weekend the former Governor of Alaska gave a speech to the National Tea Party conference in Nashville, and a slight bend of her arm revealed that Palin was glancing at her hand for the same reason that Gordy Mayfield was glancing at his in your third-grade spelling test.  Which is to say that Palin had a crib sheet on her palm.

The topic of the speech was her top three hitlist for the GOP.  Close-ups of her hand seem to indicate that what was written there was “Energy, tax cuts, lift American spirits,” with the word “budget” crossed out.

We want to know what the people would have liked to see on that… er, handy… crib sheet.  And this brings us to Monday’s PALIN PALM CHALLENGE, wherein we’ll be giving away a free T-shirt* at random for every 25 unique folks that shout out with a #palinpalm tweet on our @cafepress Twitter account.  Yes, democracy is alive everywhere.


  1. Follow us on Twitter.
  2. Think about what you’d want to write on Sarah Palin’s palm.
  3. Tweet at @cafepress with the words or phrase, using the hashtag #palinpalm


smile – you betcha – snow machine #palinpalm @cafepress

That’s it! We’ll choose T-shirt recipients randomly among the tweeters for every 25 tweets that contain both the #palinpalm hashtag and the @cafepress.

*T-shirt must be chosen out of the CafePress Markeplace, and have a retail value of $30 or less.

  1. Alaska is in the USA.
    Above the US mainland is Canada.
    Below the US mainland is Mexico.
    The Atlantic Ocean separates the US from Europe.

  2. Oh no someone wrote something on their hand to remind themselves f topics and such?! Oh the horror. Wait, what about a certain President who can’t give a speech at an elementary school without Teleprompters. Come to think of it, he cant even talk to his own freaking staff without teleprompters.

    You all can go ahead and make fun Palin, but I think I’ll stick with poking fun at Obama’s teleprompter fetish.

  3. Thank God this woman(?) did not make it into office! There are pictures of her and documented proof that this witch went up in a helicopter and shot to death mother wolves and their puppies. She gave money to hunters that would bring the leg of a wolf to her. Still like her?

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