While those of us in California tend to be a bit chilly and affronted when the weather dips below a daytime high of 50, the Mid-Atlantic has been recently hammered by a series of winter storms that has buried cars, killed power, disrupted travel, broken snow records, and effectively shut down the Federal Government for 4 days.

President Obama dubbed the back-to-back blizzards “Snowmageddon,” and while folks have been debating whether or not climate change is actually real, all this blogger can tell you is that D.C. (which used to be a swamp – a painfully obvious fact if you arrive in mid-August) is not exactly known for its snowmen.  (Straw men, maybe.)

Heck, it snowed in Louisiana.  With Mardi Gras looming, one has to wonder whether the Hand Grenade man will start a new trend with Hand Grenade slushies, made with fresh Bourbon Street snow.  For that matter, the slush in the gutters by 3AM would probably be a potent (if entirely bio-hazardous) cocktail.

Our community has responded to this wild weather with some pretty fun designs of their own.  Here are a few of our favorites:


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