Now accepting PayPal

Lost your credit card in a seedy bar, but you gotta have that stylin’ new Sawyer T-shirt that shows everyone how much you love ABC’s LOST?

No problem, Freckles.

Now you can purchase products from the CafePress site using PayPal.  In case you don’t know, PayPal is an online payment company that lets you fund web purchases from your bank account or credit card.  With something like 190 million accounts, they’re good at getting money from point A to point B.

So if the only thing between you and that Desperate Housewives tote bag is the fact that you want to use PayPal, relax.  Payment-wise, you’re now on Easy Street (or should we say Wisteria Lane?).

  1. Awesome idea, I think it’ll help sales…just one thing…when is a Paypal transfer facility going to be available for shop owners?

    Those of us outside the USA can’t use an american comission cheque.

    If you paid us via Paypal at least we’d be able to use the commission funds. You’d save money on posting cheques too.



  2. Hi Joe – For this phase of the PayPal launch, PayPal will only be available as a new payment option for customers. PayPal for commission check payout is being considered for the future.

  3. Paypal as a payment option for shop owners would be truly awesome and easier in my own opinion … there are others who feel the same and it should be made instead of being considered … I know I am not alone on this thought.

  4. I agree, shopkeeper payments by paypal would be convenient…as long as there isn’t a fee. Direct bank deposit would be even better. Im in Canada so checks are sometimes delayed.

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