You say “tomato,” I say “tomaaaaaaa…” (splat!)

A tip of the ol’ beanie cap to America’s own Flying Tomato.  In dramatic fashion last night, Shaun White was good as gold as he dominated the Winter Game’s snowboarding Halfpipe competition.

Pulling an awe-inspiring (and all-spiraling) Double McTwist 1260 out of his gym bag of tricks (imagine being in commercial dryer with an ironing board duct-taped to your slippers), the red-coiffured wonder leapt into the history books with his second-consecutive Olympic gold medal.

Of course, Shaun does have his own private halfpipe to practice on – a $1 million beauty built in Colorado by his corporate sponsor Red Bull.  If I had one of those in my backyard, I might not have to spend my entire day snowboarding down runs with names like “Bunny Patch,” “Pooh Bear” and the death-defying “Toddler’s Alley.”

See you on the slopes, Red. I’m gaining speed.  Soon I’ll be able to pull this one off (does Bunny Patch have a half-pipe?):

  1. This is why the man has his own video game franchise now. Like Tony Hawk, he should use the opportunity to its fullest. Unlike Hawk, he should make sure he doesn’t take the idea too far (see: Tony Hawk: Ride).

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