Who doesn’t love a surprise?

I’m sort of surprised that we’ve been able to hold out for so long, but 7 weeks ago when asked if we wanted to know the gender, during our ultrasound appointment, we did the very abnormal thing and said “NO.”

Unfortunately it’s THE most-asked question I get being pregnant: boy or girl?  I just always thought it would be nice and traditional, fun to buck the trend, buck technology and laugh in its face … “Hahaha, I don’t need to know! I don’t need your fancy high tech imaging!”  You know, like holding out and not feeling you had to get that iPhone the second it came out.  Granted I did get one about a year later, but it was worth the wait and I paid way less (okay, off topic.)

But I get many, many more shocked reactions than I expected: Ohmygosh how can you not want to know!  I HAD to know!  Apparently everyone is now a control freak or such a planner that they can’t keep themselves from painting the nursery in EITHER blue or pink.  Or having a name picked out, and referring to the baby as such in everyday conversations.  Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to know the gender of your baby.  I just didn’t think my choice would be such an anomaly!

It does mean that I will most likely have to paint the nursery yellow, I can’t buy many baby clothes yet (my wallet thanks me) and I have to come up with TWICE as many baby names to chew on.  But hey, that’s all part of the fun!

I sort of suspect there’s another bit of truth to be told: I’m kind of nervous about how much my life is going to change after this baby.  So not knowing the gender could be my way of chickening out from facing that reality.  My doctor has the envelope though…I could always give him a call…

  1. We love a surprise! My partner is expecting our child, and we have decided not to know the sex of the baby (unless it’s blatently obvious on the scan!)

    Some people have been surprised, but most are just “OK, that’s cool” about it!

  2. I agree! what would be even worse is expecting a definite sex, and when the time comes it’s the opposite! so all those clothes and walls you’ve spent time decorating have gone to a complete waste. It’d be best to go neutral anyway I guess.

  3. Hahaha ahh yes… I know how you feel! We waited, and it was so exciting! And I think more exciting for everyone else… because instead of getting the call, “Steve was born!” it’s “They had a boy and they named him Steve!”

    I love the shirt there, great idea! I’d started telling people we were having “hopefully a human.” hehe

  4. Good for you!!!! It’s actually better not knowing. It’ll be a surprise and you will be happy either way. Knowing in advance it’s a little like taking a peek at your Christmas gift 2 weeks before Christmas! Good luck and congrats.
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  5. We did the same thing. Finding out the second she was born is a moment I will always treasure. After having two unsuccessful pregnancies, we were delighted enough to focus on a healthy child rather than a gender. This is one of natures true surprises that we decided to keep secret until the big day. Best wishes to you and enjoy the moment!

  6. I thought the same thing you did! We didn’t find out with both our babies, but the funny thing was… I think I actually knew! For my first baby, I had a dream that I had where I was walking around a family reunion looking for a girl. And with my son, I just had a gut feeling (literally) that I knew he was a boy. So when they arrived and they made the big announcement – it was a surprise for everyone else – but me! LOL But it was really fun not knowing. And I’m a control freak!

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