Wanna play hardball?

American Baseball t-shirtPlay ball!  In case you haven’t heard, Spring Training has officially sprung.  Yes, with baseball now in full swing (at least from a practice standpoint), that means the start of the professional baseball season is only months away … and we’ll be watching the play-offs in a few dozen more months (true, baseball has a very long season).

It promises to be an exciting season, with great teams up and down the country. If you want to show your love for America’s pastime, here at CafePress you’ll find lots of baseball designs on all sorts of products.  This includes aprons for the tailgate party, gym bags for the softball beer league, SIGG™ bottles for washing down your sorrows after another ninth-inning rally falls short, and calendars to start planning out how next year’s season will be better than this year’s.

See you in the cheap seat!


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