VP’s Causing T-Shirt Frenzy!

Wow – this is amazing stuff.

Over the years we’ve found that T-Shirt and gift design prove an amazing barometer of public opinion, and provide a great gauge to what people are thinking about. Based on the new product designs we’ve seen on CafePress over the past few days people have just one thing on their mind – the Presidential elections. More specifically – Vice Presidential picks!

As we said in a post a few days ago, current news often inspires people to create new products – and what we’ve seen so far with VP related merchandise is truly amazing!

This morning Senator McCain announced that Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, would join his bid for the Whitehouse as the Vice Presidential nominee. This took quite a few people by surprise; rumor had it that the most likely candidates were Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Tom Ridge and Joseph Lieberman.

When we walked in the door this morning we had a total of 2,310 products supporting a McCain Palin ticket – now, just a few hours later, that number has jumped to 9,400. The numbers grow by the minute – for the latest designs click here.

A few days ago we reported the phenomenon we saw after Barack Obama announced Joe Biden as his running mate. Before the announcement there were just 6,800 designs supporting the Obama/Biden ticket, and within 48 hours the number had skyrocketed to over 45,000. As of right now that number has hit meteoric heights with over 107,000 products available. These numbers also grow by the minute – see the latest here.

As the designs keep rolling in we remain glued to our seats wondering what new design will pop up and make us smile, cringe, think, or laugh out loud…

  1. Sarah Palin is a joke for the second highest office in this country. All her party keeps saying is she is a hockey mom. McCain would have been better off getting a female gym coach at least she would have some contact sport experience that would at least help with the understanding of the WAR!! It is an insult to all american woman that the republican party thinks they can go get anyone push them down our throats and we are to except them.NO HOW NO WAY NO MCCAIN-PALIN IN AMERICA.

  2. I love Sarah! I will vote for her in a New York minute. The US is a special country and so is Sarah. Thanks for the memories.

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