Happy St. Patrick’s Day

CafePress joined fellow parade-goers in San Francisco and New York to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day!   To prevent parade-goers that weren’t wearing green from being pinched, we passed out nearly 6,000 GREEN CafePress buttons – “I (shamrock) SF” and “I (shamrock) NY.”  As the saying goes, everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

Many of my colleagues think of me as the in-house expert on everything Irish.  (In the past 18 months, I have been back “home” to Ireland three times.) Here is my take on some St. Paddy’s day facts:

  • St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.  It is said that he introduced Christianity to Ireland.  However, my favorite tale of St. Patrick is that he chased the snakes out of Ireland to the Irish Sea and this is why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
  • When shortening St. Patrick’s name, you should use the letters DD and not TT.  Paddy is the male nickname for Patrick and Patty is the female nickname for Patricia.
  • Does a rainbow really lead to a pot of gold?  Next time you see a leprechaun, you should ask him!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all – whether you’re Irish for a day or year round!

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