The (Baby) Name Game

it's all about zoeSo in about 5 weeks I’m going to need a name for our little one as the due date is impending.  Well that could turn into 6 weeks if I’m overdue, or even 7 weeks if I do what Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady did: take a week after the birth to decide!  What makes our situation a little more challenging is needing a few options for both a boy and a girl, since we don’t know the gender!

I’ve enlisted the help of friends, but honestly it’s such a personal thing that I’ve gotten no good leads.  The one exception came from a friend of a friend, as everyone at the dinner table was saying this guy is “good at coming up with baby names! “  He apparently helped name more than one family’s offspring!  Anyway, he had a good boy name for us, and it’s now very high up on our list.

What name did he give us you ask, well I can’t tell you because that would be opening ourselves up to opinion.  This is another dilemma you face when trying to name babies – do you tell your friends what you picked for fear they may shoot it down?  Nothing sucks like falling in love with the name Lars or Georgiana or Constantine and having your friends and family burst out laughing.  I mean they feel free to do that since the baby isn’t actually “here” and they have time to save you from that awful, silly choice!  (Not that any of those names are awful, my dear readers.)

By the way, if you’ve never considered typing your name in our search box – do it now.  I guarantee you will find a product with your name on it.  If you don’t, I’ll be pleasantly surprised…and tell us in the comments below!  (But know this, I have free reign to add it to my baby name list.

  1. I like stimple first names. My boys’ names are Tate and Jax. We changed Jax’s name from Trestin when I went into labor, last minute decision. Just make sure to think of all the rymes kids will make fun of them for, like PUKEY LUKEY or POOPER COOPER. And I love my friends girls’ name, Elora. Good Luck!

  2. I have 2 boys named “Logan Scott” and “Daegon Ray” I love both of their names and get a lot of compliments on them.

  3. I am due June 4th! We had a hell of a time coming up with names. We went with Bella Rayne. But some of the ones I liked that we did not go with were Ivy and Clover. I like the original names that also don’t rhyme with anything ugly. My sons name is Kobe Cloud. Good luck!!

  4. Speaking of baby names … I LOVE finding names hidden in scripture, and I’ve found almost 900 unique names in the last couple of years.

    My original site is
    I’d love the opportunity to find YOUR baby’s name IN THE WORD – if you are interested!

    Best blessings, always,


  5. Hi. I understand completely :)I`m Norwegian so be all mine if the names is likable :) I have a daughter named Amalie (Norwegian version of Amelia). She is 16 months beginning of next month… We didn`t know the sex of the baby either. More exiting :) The name if it was a boy, were Ruben Alexander. But I had a list of names for both sexes before we agreed :) Of course some of them are more Norwegian though, but maybe I can help…. Don`t remember all…
    Girl: Mikaela, Marina, Linnea, Daniella, Ronja, Frøya…
    Boy: Fabian, William, Noah, Preben…
    Good luck :) Take care

  6. We had our first child last year, it was a girl, however the only thing we were certain about in the early stages was what the name would be if it was a boy… “Becket London”, we still used London as a middle name for our baby girl 😉

    Our left over girl names where Ruby, Abbey (not Abigail) and Pearl. And here is my one piece of advice, when you pick a name, keep it to yourselves, once the baby is born and people/relatives ask “what’s her/his name?” they would never say “that’s terrible”, with the baby there, it would be classless for anyone to do so and even a fool would think twice before opening their mouth in opposition!

  7. My son’s name is Kagan Vaughn Wolfe. I think it is a strong name. Of course, Vaughn, is a family name handed down from several generations.

    My daughter’s name is much more simple, Karly Jo Wolfe. But it fits her free-spirit, fun-loving personality. :-)

  8. My great-grandmother was named Tacy Amelia. I’ve always liked that name combination. Your quest for baby names reminds me of an old Saturday Night Live sketch in which a couple is close to delivery but they still haven’t chosen a name for the baby if it is a boy. The husband keeps shooting down every name that the wife suggests even though they are very ordinary names, such as Peter and William. In every case, the father demonstrates how easy it is to make the name into something that other kids could make fun of. The skit ends when a telegram arrives for the father and the delivery guy mispronounces his first name, which is spelled A-s-s-w-i-p-e. The father has to correct the guy, telling him that it’s pronounced “Az-Wee-pay.” LOL

  9. Try to think about your elders names. I have 5 children and all of them are named after some one in my family. My oldest after my Great Grandfather Whom was Dan I named him Daniel,the next after my husbands grandmother Jeanette I named her Jenee,The next after my Grandfather John Henry. The next a name I loved from childhood and the last after my mom and my husband mom combined Marlene and Mable, I named her Malena. Good Luck

  10. Idk why, but lately I REALLY like flower or gem names for girls. Right now, if I ever had a girl I would choose:

    Opal – kind of classic and old fashioned, but also unique and fresh, imho. (I saw it in a movie and loved it) :) If I had two girls I would choose Opal and Violet.

    For a boy I think I would pick:

    er, I got nothin… Addison?

  11. first i have to say congrats!
    if it’s a boy you should call him RAS-TAFARI!
    if it’s a girl call her empres menen!
    One love to you and your family all the best!

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