REcyle. REduce. REuse: RE: Earth Day Photo Contest

CafePress iVillage eco tote

Can you believe it? It’s been forty years since the first Earth Day celebration. To help commemorate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, CafePress is partnering with iVillage to host an Earth Day Photo Contest. It’s your chance to share why living green is so awesome (oh, plus get a FREE eco tote bag and enter for a chance to WIN an eco vacation!)  So inspire us and share why you’re green – just upload your photo to enter the contest.

Recycle – Reduce – Reuse.  It’s never to early to start being green.  And as mentioned above, for a limited time get your free special-edition eco tote by Studio Number One (founded by Shepard Fairey). Help us all do a world of good!

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  3. I have really enjoyed seeing all of the Saving the Planet pictures. And I LOVE my SIGG water bottles and apron with MY contest picture, my Katydid friend! Great idea Cafe Press! Happy Earth day y’all!

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