Taxes not your cup of TEA?

Ouch. It’s April 15 again (didn’t we just have one of these days last year?). That can only mean one thing: Uncle Sam is outside your local post office right now, gathering envelopes from his loyal nephews & nieces. Yes it’s Tax Day, and the clock is ticking to pay the piper (without penalty or threat of a career making license plates).

Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Pro-Union, Anti-War, a credit card holder, able to see lightning and hear thunder or whatever, we all agree that the roads need to be paved and programs need to be funded. However, which programs get funded and how much we each have to pay in taxes is certainly up to debate. And debate we do. Especially in designs on CafePress.

While there are many designs by supporters of today’s current tax structure, here at CafePress we’re seeing a huge swing in “alternative” thinking – including a surge in designs for the TEA Party. In case you don’t know, the TEA (for Taxed Enough Already) Party is a grass roots movement to let the folks in Washington D.C. (and locally) hear their belief that we can’t tax our way out of today’s economic situation.

CafePress shops like Right Wing Stuff are a case in point of those who are filling the need for TEA Party shirts, bumper stickers and other merchandise. But whether you agree or disagree with what’s being said by today’s TEA Party supporters, the point is to get out there and be heard.

So celebrate Tax Day by sporting your opinion on taxes. If I’m not mistaken, you can even save 15% on tax-themed gear today (orders of $50 or more – use coupon code: TAX15).

  1. the fact that Cafe Press supports “right wing stuff” is enough for me so cease doing business with them. What is up with giving me anti-democratic merchandise when I do a search for anti-republican? I cannot spend money or do business with a company that supports spitting and yelling racial slurs at african-american representatives. You sicken me.

  2. At the same time you’re hawking Tea Party merchandise, you are acting as the supplier for the hateful disruptive group that calls itself “”. How cynical.

    You should pull the merchandise that is going to support CrashTheTeaParty.

  3. I don’t think that cafepress is supporting any particular political ideology. There have been posts regarding left-wing merchandise, right-wing merchandise, fringe, parody, any everything in between. Lighten up.

  4. What I don’t get about the anti-tax thing is that it’s coming from the same idiots who put down the poor for wanting “handouts” rather than “just making more money.”

    Anyone with a modicum of understanding of personal finance understands that when one has too much month at the end of the money, there are only two sustainable approaches to take:

    1. Make more money
    2. Spend less money

    So far, the Republicans CLAIM to follow option 1, but in PRACTICE, what they ACTUALLY have done is the moral equivalent of a single person faced with a budgetary shortfall who chooses to cut back on cable TV rather than move into a one-bedroom apartment from their current three-bedroom condo.

    OK, I exaggerate. Actually, if you add up welfare and Medicaid, they come out to be equal to or less than the entire DOD budget plus spending for the “War On Terror,” which for some reason is in a different earmarked category. That’s assuming the category with welfare in it, by the way, only covers welfare and not anything else. Which it probably doesn’t, which means our anti-poverty programs cost us LESS than our little dual misadventure overseas. See also:

    Please note that anti-poverty programs are considered mandatory spending in the federal budget, while DOD, the War on Humanity, and the Department of Homeland Insecurity are all discretionary spending. That’s because as long as we insist on keeping some people desperate enough that they will take any crappy job we give them for crappy wages, including selling you your burgers at McDonald’s and cleaning your nasty house, the only humane thing to do is to make the state of being poor as painless as possible. Because if you believe people make more money because they work harder, I have oceanfront property in Belarus to sell you, dirt cheap.

    Besides, poor people who get no help become angry poor people. Observe what happens in countries with no social safety net at all.

    I think we still have both options open to us, let’s revisit them:

    1. Make more money (tax revenue)
    2. Spend less money

    …But all Republicans want to do is use budget cuts to kick people who refused to vote for them.

    Oddly, Democrats want to do the same thing.

    So if you want your taxes cut, good people, we first must figure out where to rein in spending in a REALISTIC sense, looking at the REALITY of life in America rather than convenient myths. So maybe it’s time to start having an honest, mature, non-insulting conversation about just how to do that, in a way that doesn’t leave anyone behind.

    I found out the hard way that believing you will never be as bad off as “those people” tends to backfire. Haven’t you learned enough from the Great Recession already? How many of your middle-class friends have wound up on food stamps because their too-big-to-fail employers s?!tcanned them? Who says you won’t be next?

    You want oppression? You think paying taxes is oppression? Some of us wish we had enough income to be ABLE to complain about our taxes. Think about that the next time you feel like grumbling. And you say a welfare family with a broken-down car and a TV with three channels is “spoiled.” You’re funny.

  5. So products that support a point of view that you don’t believe in should be pulled?! Wow. And Cafepress doesn’t categorize products, Nancy. Its up to the shopkeepers to label their products, which determines what search terms their products show up in.

  6. ‘KoolAid’ refers to the mindless ‘drinking the Koolaid’ mentality of a cult, which some say the followers of Obama are. Of course, others say the same about Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck followers, but that’s not the point of the shirt.

    The racist is the person who immediately thinks something is racist and doesn’t even consider other points of view but stops with their smug, self-righteous attitude.

    After sitting though 8 years of people smearing and hating Bush, I find the tea party items tame in comparison.

  7. Wow, you guys are smoking some heavy stuff.
    Nancy is a hater.
    Kai, well I just don’t know what to say about your comment. Racist? why because tea is brown? WTF?

  8. Uh, Nancy. There is no PROOF that anyone spit or uttered anything racial. Furthermore, the DemoRats walked through the crowd on purpose to provoke.

    The crowd did a great job showing restraint and not taking the bait…I think YOU are taking the bait and are actually the hater. To get that wound up over a shirt site is spooky…at best and dangerous at worst.

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