Once again, no smoking on European flights.

volcano ash t-shirtAs the smoke clears over Iceland and European air travel returns to some semblance of normality, folks near-and-far are breathing a sigh of relief (don’t breathe too deeply though, or you’ll still cough your lungs out).

With airports closed for almost a week, millions of travelers were (or are still) hopelessly stranded. And the back-log has created continuing havoc for passengers and the airlines alike. Needless to say, with cancellations right-and-left, already-struggling carriers have also taken a huge economic hit (some are estimating $2 billion dollars to date).

For those of you with your head in the clouds – who don’t know what’s going on – a major volcano in Iceland has created a smoke and ash barrier that no one knows for sure is safe to fly through. (Personal note to air inspectors: Error on the safe side).

I won’t even try to spell-out the volcanic glacier at fault (can you really blame Mother Nature? I guess not). If I try to write the name out, I’m afraid my spellchecker will have a melt-down of its own. OK, OK, I’ll give it a try: Eyjafjallajokull. Rough translation from Icelandic to English: What’s up with Bjork?

Hopefully you weren’t inconvenienced by the shut-down. Or better yet, hopefully you were in Paris for business and got a few extra days on the boss’ dime/euro. It might have been a little smoky at that Left Bank bistro. But hey, the air couldn’t be any worse than L.A. on any given day …

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