The Second Shower was Personal

cyclist-t-shirtMy lovely co-workers at CafePress threw me a work baby shower and it was great.  I know everyone that attended loved the chips, dip, fruit and sweets – I mean who doesn’t – but no one could have loved those cupcakes more this pregnant lady!  Don’t tell anyone but I snuck the leftover cupcakes home, thank you so much for not overindulging people!

This was my second baby shower, and I like to say this one was personal.  It was all about receiving personalized gifts because I got a boat load of CafePress baby clothes and accessories!  I love that they reflected both my personality and my husband’s, I mean after all this kid will be a joint reflection of us!  On a side note let’s hope the baby get’s my nose.

My husband is going on marathon number 7 soon, so this Future Marathoner tee was adorable.  We both do triathlons and I think the bike may be our favorite portion, so this “This is How I Roll” tee was also spot on.  I had my eye on this Mommy + Daddy = Me onesie because cute things make me go ga-ga now – so glad they read my mind and picked it!

I also received a few CafePress bibs which I can now confirm are super soft  and of course packed with personality, like the “Team Awesome” and “I’m a Hoot” versions.  I also have to give them props for having to choose gender-neutral items; I know it’s not easy.  You guys rock, thank you!  I’m all out of cupcakes now though, so I’m off to the grocery store now…

[Other items received…]

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