Jesus image in tie-dyed t-shirt

True story: An Ohio man recently making tie-dyed T-shirts noticed an image of Jesus in one of his tee’s ink designs. While we can neither confirm nor deny the validity of his religious experience, we can tell you that there is a moral to the story: Kids, don’t try this at home. Let the design professionals from the CafePress community create Jesus-themed T-shirts for you. It’s much simpler, and you won’t have the Eyewitness News Team helicopter flying over your house all afternoon.

We have thousands-and-thousands of religion T-shirts — from inspirational to humorous. In fact, for all of your religious gear needs, look no further than the divine collection here at CafePress.

  1. Does this mean jesus loves cotten tie-dye shirts made in Ohio? … along with frying pans & potato chips.

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