Dancing without borders

iBoogieOne of the most interesting things about the CafePress catalogue is that, by nature of it being user-generated and a form of self-expression, the designs you see are part of a larger conversation.

Recently we ran across folks expressing themselves via dance during National Dance Week in San Francisco, and after talking to multiple dancers it became clear that dancing, too, was not only a way for people to express themselves, but a way for them to invite and include other people in communication that transcends a verbal back-and-forth.

And that brings us to Matt Harding, who you may know as “That dancing guy on YouTube – no, not the Evolution of Dance guy, the other guy.”

Matt’s been traveling the world for a few years now, dancing his way across the globe. (If you haven’t seen his dancing videos you might want to watch his other videos before jumping into the new one.)

His newest video has recently been posted, and this video in particular is most definitely one that indicates that dancing (even silly impromptu dancing) is a form of self-expression that invites people across borders, language and culture to take part in a larger conversation.

So the next time you’re in a foreign country and you’re having trouble connecting with the locals, you might bust out a jig to see what happens. (Note: this is more than likely not advised if, for whatever reason [most assuredly not your fault of course] the local police is already involved…)

And military caps off to Matt for starting something so interesting, and for letting us all share in his very cool job.

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