Project Unity: Help support the cause.

CafePress is proud to ride tandem with Project Unity, Lance Armstrong, Trek Bicycles and others to help fight cancer.

Project Unity is fundraising effort that includes Lance Armstrong wearing different stickers adhered to his bike for each leg of upcoming races. Each sticker will include the name of a different cancer victim Lance is riding for.

We figure others want to get involved too. However, since most of us can’t ride a bike 30 mph straight up the side of a mountain (nor do we look good in those stretchy biking pants), we’ve found another way for you to get involved. You can visit the Project Unity store (sponsored by CafePress) and personalize “I ride for ….” stickers to adhere to your bike. You can also personalize water bottles as well as posters, letting everyone know who you’re fighting for.

100% of the proceeds from these sales go LIVESTRONG, the foundation Lance Armstrong supports for cancer fundraising. It’s a great cause, so join those from around the globe who are riding for awareness.

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