No turbulence: LOST winner has a blast in Hawaii.

Kenny’s back (and we must say, looking tan & relaxed). Yes, our grand prize winner of the CafePress LOST Design Contest has returned safely to the eastern 48 (he didn’t even lose his luggage, let alone three-plus years of his life).

If you’ll remember, Kenny took off to Hawaii on the fun trip he won for submitting the contest’s top design (as chosen by the producers of LOST!). We want to share with everyone a few words from Kenny, and a picture from his trip:

“We had an incredible time!  We stayed at the Outrigger Reef right on the beach in Waikiki, and loved every day of it. One of the highlights of our trip was a LOST Hummer Tour, where they took us to various filming locations for LOST and various movies.” –Kenny

Thanks for sharing Kenny… and back just in time to tune in to this week’s (very revealing) episode!  Now one more episode to go before the big 2.5 hour finale on May 23 (7/6c on ABC so tune in!), as LOSTies will be on the edge of their seats.  As new answers are revealed, don’t forget to keep checking our LOST fan page for new LOST t-shirts.

Here’s a photo of Kenny and his wife at the location where “the man in black” was filmed (when he broke the wine bottle from this season’s LOST).  And look, he’s wearing the winning LOST t-shirt!

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  1. Sweet deal, I’ve been browsing LOST shirts on the site and love the design. My only other favorite is the “EPIC FAIL” LOST shirt, that’s pretty sweet as well. Looks to be a nice trip, especially for a Lost fan, congrats on winning :)

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