Get a haircut, save a beach

With the Louisiana oil spill still growing, the Coast Guard has officially declared the spill to be “catastrophic.”  While financial analysts conjecture about the cost of cleanup and the companies involved in the rig (Halliburton, Transocean and BP) jump to point fingers at each other and Congress argues over liability caps as a partisan issue and tarballs are washing up on the beaches and the well is still leaking 200,000 gallons a day while nobody seems to have a solid plan to stanch it, it’s easy to see why both the President and the American public are frustrated and feeling, maybe, a little helpless.

Turns out, though, that there is a way for you to help out – and hey, helping out always helps folks feel a little better.  Matter of Trust is an organization that collects hair – human, dog, alpaca, you name it – and, combined with nylons (yep, the ones that ladies wear – well, them and your occasional armed suspect), they create “hair booms” that absorb the oil.

It makes sense, really; hair collects oil.  That’s why we wash it.  In this way, Matter of Trust’s booms are not only able to help absorb the oil spill, but also to provide an important use for recycled materials that most of us have laying around.  Matter of Trust’s site has more information on how to donate, and if you’re follically-challeneged you can also shop their CafePress fundraising store to help.

So if you’ve been putting off that haircut, give your salon a ring and make sure that they know how they can donate their clippings.  Hey, even your dog can get in on the action.

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  2. Random Question. Is there a place we go donate hair that we’ve cut ourselves? I know that a lot of my friends, and myself, cut our own hair, but would be happy to donate if we could drop it off or send it

  3. The one thing that worries me the most about this stupid problem we have is no one is recognizing the recient dangers we have had in the last year. ONE: Capping a well evern one that isn’t really giving any oil is dangerous. Several people lost their live last year in Carmi Il. trying to cap an old well. The gas blew up. So it would make more sence to harness it. It’s already started not ride that pony BP. make it work and quit faldiraling around. Sorry I’m against haircuts…your side stepping the real problem.

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