Idol Sweepstakes winner goes ga-ga

Not to suggest that Lady Ga Ga is returning to the American Idol stage for next week’s Season 9 finale, but you never know – I could certainly do worse than bustin’ a move in the living room to Poker Face or Paparazzi.

Either way, it’s going to be a great couple of shows. And one lucky CafePress fan (and her daughter) are “going to Hollywood” for the final two shows. Yes, congratulations to Lori J. – who won the CafePress American Idol Sweepstakes. Included in the winning package is a fun trip for two to the final two American Idol shows, including airfare, lodging and tickets. Not that she’s a groupie or anything, but here’s what the winner had to say when she regained consciousness:

“WOW!!! Are you kidding me!!! This is wicked unbelievable. My 14 year-old daughter is the world’s biggest Idol fan!!!”

Lori J. (sweepstakes winner and exclamation point enthusiast!)

And who are you pulling for to take it all on Wednesday night? Lee or Crystal? Don’t forget to show your support with American Idol T-shirts and other merchandise. Remember, American Idol gear is a great way to strike up a conversation with people who can’t carry a tune (like me … and that guy with his pants on the ground).

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