It only ends once…

…anything that happens before that is just progress.

And so Jacob’s words become ever-so-relevant to LOST fans this Sunday, when the 2.5 hour series finale will bring a close to a slew of mystery and questions (or maybe not, who knows?) that have had fans scratching their heads for years.  What’s in store for us is still unknown, but we do know that the LOST team has managed to score an Emmy exemption despite the 2.5 hour running time that would normally disqualify the episode from such honors contention.

For those of you fretting about the final curtain, buck up.  Remember, we’ll always have The Island t-shirts… ah, memories.

Speaking of which, we’re really wondering where the heck Vincent is.

  1. What happens next? Why Lost Trekkie Clubs of course. Just as Star Trek fans kept the show alive till it’s bigger now than when it ended forty years ago–some of them even buildtheir own stage sets and produce their own episodes–so Lost fans will keep Lost going. Lost didn’t end; it’s just begun!

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