Take one for the team

goalie t-shirtIf you’re a soccer fan, you know that the stoppage time is winding down. Yes, after an arduous four year wait, the 2010 FIFA World Cup finally kicks off in a couple short weeks. This year South Africa will be hosting the event – the first time it’s ever been held on the African continent.

USA plays England on the tournament’s opening day (June 11 in Rustenburg, if you’re looking to score tickets … oh, pick me up one too while you’re at it). Then it’s a month of headers, corner kicks, off-sides, handballs and (hopefully) acrobatic GOOOOOOOAAAALLLLS!!!! – with the final match on July 11.

Soccer is such a fun sport to play and watch. And it’s great how people from around the world rally around their county’s flag for international soccer matches. Even the gang from the comic strip Peanuts is a big supporter, as you’ll find by checking out Snoopy soccer gear.

I have my HDTV calibrated for soccer. Hopefully you’ll catch some of the action too, and cheer your team on to victory. So put your best cleat forward, and sport your support.

  1. I usually don’t get excited about soccer, but the world cup is different. All of the best players competing for 1 goal. It’s enough to pull a casual fan like me in.

  2. It’s interesting the designs shown all have the 1960s-vintage icosahedral “hexes and pents” ball, which is no longer the standard game ball. It’s a bit like making an “I love the iPhone” tee shirt with a picture of a 1968 Westinghouse Princess phone on it.

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