Lil’ cuss has a kick to him

Word on the street in South Africa (perhaps a cuss word?) is that prior to the USA-England World Cup soccer match Saturday, the Brazilian referee and his assistants took a “crass course” on English-language obscenities.

Apparently English star Wayne Rooney (among others, on both teams) has been know to swear a blue streak. This could have lead to a yellow or red card – if the referees knew what he was saying (Rooney didn’t get one in the game). Plus the refs were also brushing up on obscene gestures favored but the English-speaking countries. Chances are, they would get the general gist of any of those.

Anyway, it was a great game and those at home (or office?) wearing their soccer t-shirts and gear are in for a big treat as the potty-mouthed matches continue.

So adios (don’t worry, it’s “goodbye” in Spanish, not a curse word). Back to the web … to stream some more soccer matches.

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