You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!

safety thong A Los Angeles woman is suing Victoria’s Secret after suffering an eye injury due to what she claims is a defective thong.

(The thong in question was hers, making this story slightly less interesting than it could be.)

The offending undergarment had a rhinestone heart on it that was connected to the fabric via some metal fasteners. Apparently, while the victim was in the process of putting on said undergarment, the thong elastic served as an impromptu slingshot and hurled a piece of the decorative metal into her eye, thus scratching her cornea.

An interesting sidenote is that the victim is a traffic cop who’d just finished a shift, thus raising the issue of karma with various citizens who feel that those issuing parking tickets might, perhaps, deserve to be hit with a projectile thong and/or thong decoration here and there.

More on the story can be found at MSNBC, complete with video coverage. (Of the story. Not of the injurious thong incident itself.)

This story got our attention, and it would seem that some of our Shopkeepers have also taken notice and initiative from the news. In addition to the safety thong above, we have a few other creations that remind anyone nearing or wearing a thong of the potential for bodily injury.

danger buttonsafety thongOf course, it’s worth noting that the thongs in our catalogue do not contain any metal decoration. They do however contain elastic, so those of you decorating your thongs with minibuttons might consider protective eyewear in order to prevent a similar calamity from bethonging you.

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  1. I’m so looking forward to the VS catalogue featuring Giselle, Heidi, et al posing in thongs and…safety goggles!

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