Watch What You Wear (And Pass the Remote).

With the prestigious Emmy Awards nominations announced a few days ago, now is a great time to wear t-shirts celebrating the TV shows you love to watch. Airing Sunday, August 29, the 62nd awards presentation promises to be a star-studded affair.

Plus, the many Emmy parties around town promise to be just as exciting — whether it’s backstage at the show, at a trendy Hollywood restaurant or in your own home. Heck, maybe Jack or Ben will drop by your place for a post-show cocktail? If so, make sure you dress to impress with gear from your honored guest’s TV show.

CafePress has official fan-designed gear for many nominees, including Lost and Mad Men.

We also have American Idol and (gulp) Dexter designs, as well as The Office.

So get off the couch, and go find yourself some prime time designs.

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